Selecting and ordering words using multiline scrollable chips


I am trying to create a screen where:

  1. choices are selected from a multiline scrollable chip list and
  2. ordered on the same screen.

This is similar to the “magnetic poetry” app’s large word bank (multiline scrollable chip list), and Duolingo’s ordering of the chosen word chips.

In Glide, how would you approach creating a screen similar to those examples?
Any ideas or recommendations are welcome!

Thanks so much!

The only way it’s going to work is if an action is performed each time a choice is made. Unfortunately, the choice component does not have an action associated with it. I think you would need a list/collection or buttons where you could associate actions with each press. Then each button would have a pre-built template with the existing selected values merged with the next value if the button is pressed.

A bit hard to explain, but I do something similar with this calculator app. Essentially each button is a list item with an action that takes the previous value and appends to the end of it.

My example is not very feasible now, because it will eat up updates, but that’s something for you to consider with your app.

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Ah, yes, it is a lot like a calculator!
I’m going to look into this and try it out. Thanks!

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