Regarding multi rows selections in a table glide pages

How to make a table in glide pages that I can select specific rows from it “using checkboxes” and perform different actions on them.

If you’re talking something like the checklist layout on Glide Apps, then I don’t think that layout is available on Glide Pages.

Can you talk more about your use case? There might be some workarounds, let’s say a button on a collection item that sets a column to true?

let’s say we have a table of orders, each row is an order. I want to select some of these orders and assign them to a specific delegate “change a value for each row to be any string value”

Then I think you can do it like this.

  • Have an “Assign” action on each item in a collection.

  • That action opens up a modal, which you will place a choice component on.

  • That choice component will take values from the list of people you want to assign the order to.

  • Once you have assigned, you can close the modal.

Does that work?

I think i did not get it :confused: