Glide enabled the multiselection Shift + Last to delete: I 💜 U

You’re making my life just so easier.
I can now multiselect all rows in Glide tables (tracking) with 3 clics (Shift + Select Last et Voilà!) instead of… each and every > 100 rows in several tables.
Teddy Bear Hugs To The Team :teddy_bear::gem::cherry_blossom::heartpulse:
Or Beer, Cookies, Croissants (I’m French, hence the hint), Tell me what you prefer: :cupcake::chocolate_bar::beers::tropical_drink::pizza::pie::bagel::wine_glass::maté::doughnut::popcorn::waffle::candy::croissant::pancakes::tumbler_glass::cocktail::ice_cream::birthday::cake::cookie::tropical_drink::clinking_glasses::coffee: THANK YOU SO MUCH.


We’re going to have to start charging you an emoji tax :stuck_out_tongue:


Did I forget something you like? Tell me, Darren. Choice is yours. Bento? Vegan? T-Bone? French Fries? Japalena Spicy Hot Dogs? Thanksgiving Turkey? Moon cake? Tiramisu? Not everything is there. If only all of them are displayed.


Yes, you forgot my favourite… :golfing_man:

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I didn’t know you can fancy eating golf balls/clubs/greens. Do you like them beaten, worn out or new, Darren? With or without the caddie (just for the ride).
OK. Noted. Bowling, Kite, Boomerang, Yo-Yo, Badmington, anyone? :bowling::yo-yo::kangaroo::badminton::ski:
Oh, I miss NZ Sky Swing and Skyline Luge so much. Mountains! Heights! :mountain::mountain_cableway:
“I’m going on an adventure” (Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit)

You can also select a range of rows. Just click first row you want to select and shift click last one

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that’s what I meant, actually :slight_smile: Gerard: block select like in any text editor, yahoooo!

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Now only missing …copy all selected rows and pasting anywhere …Google sheets fot instance

One Happiness at a time. :blush:

I just added this

Please help to vote it. :smiley:

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After being selected, then what actions can be taken? :face_with_monocle:

I’m on a free plan. To capture user clicks for my “damned examinators” and their “we only value metrics, bla bla bla” without Google Analytics, I created Actions whenever possible and relevant with Add row to be sure it will work.
But that requires a lot of manual rows deletions to keep the app below the 500 rows limits. Once I got the “metrics” I need.

Only by selecting a row of options delete can be done, not by multi-selection of cells. Did I miss something?

I didn’t try multi cells, you mean columns?

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