Select data/rows with same date

In my glide, a form is used several times per day. Every time, a row is created with a column containing date, and another contain a number.
I would like to calculate the sum of these numbers for each day, and in a new table create a row per day with two columns : day and sum.
And all of these automatically : when the form is used a new day, a new row is created, and the sum grows during day.
I don’t know if my idea is understandable.
Sorry for my english, I’m french.

Please do these steps:

  • Create a query column on that table, filter by “day” is within “this row > day”.

  • Create a rowID column.

  • Create a single value column, returning the first rowID from the query column.

This will be used as a “unique” function that won’t make you create another table.

  • Create a rollup column on top of the relation, returning the sum of the “number” column. You now have the sum of each day.

  • Show a collection of that table, filter by rowID equals the “single value” column, and show the sum from the rollup column.

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Thanks a lot! It’s perfect!
It’s difficult for me because there is not user manual in french, so sometimes I don’t find what I search.
I hope I will not ask too much questions.

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Don’t worry, just ask questions here and we’ll try our best to help! Hope the solution above is easy for you to apply.

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