Seeking Help with Automating Tasks in My Booking App

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently created a booking app by following this Advanced Booking App tutorial and now I’m looking to take it to the next level. Specifically, I want to automate the following tasks:

  1. Send a Confirmation SMS and Calendar Invite:
  • When a booking is made, I want to send a confirmation SMS to the client.
  • Bonus: Also send a calendar invite via email.
  1. Notify the Service Provider:
  • Inform the person responsible for providing the service that a booking has been made to ensure they are aware of changes in their calendar.
  • Note: This applies only if they didn’t make the booking themselves on behalf of the client.
  1. Send a Reminder SMS:
  • Send a reminder SMS to the client 24 hours before their appointment.

Challenges I’m Facing

1. Handling Multiple Apps for Sending Confirmation SMS:

  • How do I handle sending confirmation SMS for multiple apps?

2. Notifying the Service Provider:

3. Sending Reminder SMS:

  • I was thinking of scheduling a Make scenario to run every few minutes, check the booking time, and if it is 24 hours before, send a reminder.
  • However, I need to resolve the challenge of handling multiple apps (Challenge 1) before implementing this.

Am I overcomplicating things? What would be the best setup to achieve the above automation tasks efficiently?

Thanks a lot in advance!

As long as the client has a phone number in your db, you should be able to send them a message using Twilio.

I feel like having a button in the details view of the event would be a good alternative if you don’t want to set up something via the API.

Should be able to send an email to them, and only send when certain conditions match.

This is a bit tricky. In the future, you might be able to have scheduled automations in Glide, but right now your best bet is to use the Glide API through Make/Zapier, grabbing all rows, and determine which rows are “24 hours before the appointment”, then send a reminder SMS to them.

If you’re thinking about it as an event after the booking is made (with an action tied to it), then you can just tie a Twilio action to the end of that action chain.

I would suggest using email notifications instead.

If you mean through the notification, then it’s not reliable on iOS as far as I know.

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