"See All" on inline list is appearing for no reason and unresponsive

Tried it, it didn’t work :frowning:
Filtered the list by rows with row id but ‘see all’ is still there

same problem still there :upside_down_face:

↓ How about this?

<pre> <span> <style>
div [id * ='screenScrollView']> div>: nth-of-type (1) [data-test = "see-all"]
{ display: none; }

The numbers in nth-of-type (1) are the numbers in the component placement order. (Position from above to be placed on the left side of the glide builder)
Please specify the arrangement order of the in-line list that you do not want to display “see-all” with numbers.

Good luck to you with this code …

Should be fixed in tomorrow’s release.


good news! :clap::clap::clap: