Second part of split

Good night.
I have a problem and i need help with it.
So i need to get the second part of a time, i tried split it but without success.
The first part was easy, i got but using the MATH column and ‘precision’ set as 1.
How i get the second part?

2,34 2
I need the part after ‘,’.

You can use the following formulas to get specific parts of a time.


Hi @Jeff_Hager, thanks for the reply.
How I use it on my GlideTable?

Found it. Using the MATH column. I had to use a second MATH column to get the result I wanted.

If you use without ‘:’, it won’t work. So had to replace ‘,’ to ‘:’.

Other thing is that alone it did not work as well, so I had a sum after. Like this:

2,34 2:34
Math Column:
SECOND(date) + (s*60)

date was ‘2:34’;
s was equal ‘2’, using a MATH column with precision 1.
got 9240, then I divided by 60 with another MATH column.

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