Math column formulas

With formulas can the Math Column suport and/or use?

I think there may be a couple more trig functions and date/time functions, but that covers most of them and you can deduce any that may not be shown in the documentation.

Thanks for the reply @Jeff_Hager.

I didnt found what i was looking for at the math column.
Is there a way to get the second part of a split?
15,96 → 0,96

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Like this?

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 9.05.04 AM


That is it !! Thanks @Darren_Murphy.
I just changed MOD(X, 15) to MOD(X, 1).


I’ve already asked for this, but there are some functions with Math column that in Glide Docs is not specified yet. @Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager, would be amazing if you guys post a topic here explaining and giving us some exemples like that!