Extract only the hours from math computation

I’m trying to extract only the first two hour digits of a calculation result (such as 16:00:34 ) in Glide. I would like the new column to show 16 if the original column value is 16:00:34… I was instructed to: Create a template column, and because I’m using a math column, a formula HOUR(NOW()) or LEFT({Time}, 2) would work, but it’s not. Here is a screenshot of what’s happening.

HOUR(Date) or HOUR(Now) or HOUR(Now-Date) should all work in a math column as long as you are working with date type columns and durations.


Based on your previous thread, it looks like you’re trying to use AI for instructions. I believe the Glide docs, or this forum, is better equipped to assist you with that, to prevent hallucinations.


To: ThinhDinh,
The Math Column video and information resolved my problem. Thank you


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