How to convert HH:MM:SS to just HH:MM?

Hi. I calculated the time between my date using End - Start formula.

The result is coming in as HH:MM:SS but I need to get rid of the seconds and just keep HH:MM.

How do I do that?

I don’t want to see Hours or minutes in decimals. I want to see the actual time taken. Like 1 hour 30 minutes as 01:30, not as 1.5 or 01:30:00

Just by the way my answer isn’t in this thread as the formula in this thread converts the time to decimals which I don’t. I just want to get rid of Seconds and keep the HH:MM format as it is. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing that so quick. This is what I have got using your code.

For simplicity, I’d probably pass it into a javascript column, split the value on ‘:’ and then rejoin only the first two parts of the array.

To do it with glide columns, you could create a Split Text column to split each part into an array. Create two single value columns to get the hour and minute values, then a template column to join it back together.

Might intially need a template column to lock the duration as a string before either method.

Also another method would be to use some mildly complex math to end up with 8.44 instead of 8:44:00, then replace ‘.’ with ‘:’

Maybe I should ask…do you only need the duration to be a string or does it have to be a number for further calculations?

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It has to be used for Donut Chart to calculate how much time in HH:MM I have spent on any activity.

So on the center it should show the total HH:MM I have spent, and in the legend it should show how much I have spent on each activity.

I tried using Split Text column, separated the values by ‘:’

Used Slice Array to just get HH:MM and get rid of :SS.

Now the problem is, if the duration is 9 minutes 50 seconds lets say like shown in the screenshot in the last entry, the HH doesn’t show up at all. This would have worked if the HH:MM:SS column would have shown the duration as 00:09:50, instead it just shows up as 9:50. which invalidates our theory.

glide has a great time conversion column… and an Excel formulas column… use it…

I’m at my computer now, so I’ll play with this a little bit. Do you need to add several durations together, or is your graph only showing one duration per row?

I need exactly like this, just have to get rid of seconds.

And I don’t need the Hours in decimals since 1.9 hours would be confusing for the users. They need to see it in the HH:MM format :slight_smile:


@Uzo , if you could suggest a solution to this that would be awesome…

i did

Kindly elaborate :slight_smile:

It’s not loading.

I know… I believe @Jeff_Hager Je will take time to solve it

what is not loading?


wow… my App is working for non accepted browser settings LOL

anyway… just use the column to convert the date… in any format