Searching for an app to display and input weekly variables

Hi, I am looking for a sample app that I can build from. I want to be able to have multiple users that sign on and each week they enter certain information. This info is then compared to what they originally entered to see the change.

Joe Doe

Enter your variable for the week:


I want to be able to store the data entered in each week. So they would require a date stamp.

Then there would be another page that would display the change from the original variables entered to the current week.

Base-Variable01 Week1-variable01 %change
Base-Variable02 Week1-variable02 %change
Base-Variable03 Week1-variable03 %change

The following week it would ask for week2 variables and display those comparing them to the base ones.

Another option would be to enter the date of a given week and show the change.

Any assistance with a simple template would be appreciated.

Thanks Greg

Hi Greg,

I think you have a pretty clear idea on what you want. I suggest giving a go yourself first so you can understand the whole structure of data on your app.

So what you would need is a form writing the variables (let’s say var1, var2, var3) to the Records sheet, then pass along the email of the submission, as well as the “numerical order” of that record.

The numerical order is the key to this, I assume people may not submit week by week, so we can not rely on the week number to make comparisons to the previous submission.

In your Users sheet, create a relation using the email of the user to the email column in Records, return multiple matches, and then make a rollup on top of that relation to count the number of submissions that user has already made.

Then, make a math column, add 1 to that rollup count, that will be your “Next Submission Number”.

Let’s say you haven’t made any submissions, your rollup count will be 0, thus your next submission number will be 1.

Now we come to the Submissions sheet, make a math column, subtract 1 from the submission number so you get the “Previous submission number”.

Make a template column combining your email with your previous submission number, and another template column comibing your email with your current submission number.

So a 1st submission would have the previous template be something like “ - 0” and the current template be something like “ - 1”.

Use a relation column from the previous template to the current template, return a signle match. Then use lookups to get var1, var2, var3 from the previous submission.

Then you will be able to compare the current submission’s values to the previous ones.

Good luck, and let us know if you need help.

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Is there a sample template I could follow?

I’m not aware of one, hence I wrote out the steps above for you. Please try it and let us know where you get stuck.