Rolling point counter by date

Hey Team,

I was wondering if I could get assistance with this

I have a log sheet that records various activities and allocates points and keeps track of the date the activity was logged.

I am looking to have a challenge based on a week long period so I only want to count the dates within this period

Where I am getting stuck is displaying the points on a day by day inline list for each user.

So on date 1 (day 1) only rolling up to sum the points for this date and display it for the day. The the same for date 2 (day 2)

Is this something that could be achieved?

What you need to do is create a template column of the two columns you need to “combine” to apply your rollup. Make a template of the user’s email (or other unique identifier) and the date (you may also want to “lock” in the date formatting by first creating a template column that stores the date as text first — this might not be necessary, but it’s still something I do in these cases).

Once you’ve got the template column (i.e. April 1, 2021), create a multiple relation that check if the template matches itself. Then, create a rollup on this relation to get the sum of all the matches.


Worked a treat, thank you

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