Weekly Receipt Tally

Hi I’m building my first Glide App using the Expense Template. My real world scenario was inspired after a fire destroyed my kitchen; thankfully no harm to my family

My insurance will reimburse meals after we send them a tally of the receipts. The Expense App is ideal but within the template, I want to tally the receipt amount weekly, and send the images to the Insurance agents email address. Is that possible?

So you want to rollup the amount expense week by week, is that correct?

Yes. My Insurance company asked for a weekly rollup. I was hoping to invoke this by using a date range, but I’m not sure how to do that. Thanks for any suggestion.

Firstly, I assume you have a date for each insurance submission. I think you can use a WEEKNUM function inside the Sheet.

Then have a supporting sheet to make a unique formula, getting all unique weeks from the original WEEKNUM you created.

Inside Glide, you make a multiple relation using the unique weeknum back to the original sheet, then use a rollup to sum the values for each week.


ThinhDinh, thanks for the response and direction. I will give it a try and share back my progress. Again, thanks.

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