Looking For Help With Data Summary/Overview

I have created an app that tracks my client’s diet, workouts, and sleep on a daily basis.

I’m looking to show the user the following things from that tracking data:

  • The number of sets, set with min weight & reps, set with max weight and reps for each exercise per week

  • The weekly average for each diet criteria

  • The weekly average for each sleep criteria

Even after a good deal of reading and looking at other templates, I’m unsure how to go about this.

Can anyone here provide guidance? I’m also more than willing to pay for assistance!

It’s hard to give a definitive answer, but you would probably need a series of sheet formulas to get a unique week number and join it with the year. This would give you a value that you can use with relations to join a year/week in one sheet to another, then use a rollup column against the relation for averages, sums, min, max etc.

This is the closest template that I could fine that had some relations and math.

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Yep…I just built something similar for a client. Secret is to use the weeknum formula and merge it with the year of the time stamp. Eg. This week would be 162020 or 202016. Next week, the week moves to 17. Then you check if this week is current week and filter where the value is true.