Creating Date and combining data from different days

I see the feature to add a date but it changes my Sheet and label for that section. Mine is a sports workout tracking app. Is there a way to “start a new workout” and create a date for that day then export the data or save to a cloud to combine data for multiple days together? For example, tracking the combined data for a week and them comparing it to the previous 3 weeks?

You will need a summary tab in your Sheets to aggregate the metrics at the selected time intervals.

Thank you very much!

So, I have created a new sheet that has the summary from Sheet 1. How do I save that data to a specific date?

I would really have to see what your source data looks like, and what would you like your target table to look like.

The first pic is my main screen. The 2nd and 3rd pic are what I see when I open up each period. I can add data in each period and have formulas that give me data.