Creating a new google sheet with the same formulas

Is there a way to create a new google sheet for each day with the same formatting from the glide app? And be able to either auto generate a date, or customize the name of the sheet from the glide app?
If I have a fitness app that tracks workouts and I open the app for the day and had a “New Workout” button that would create a google sheet for that day? Then I enter the data as the workout goes. At the end of the workout could I save that data for that day, then open up a new workout?

Sorry, I know that’s a lot if questions in one post…

I think you should be able to accomplish that via three tabs in google sheet- one for users, second for form, and third for exercises. Users sheet would feed the My profile and on my profile add a button for form with choice button showing exercises. You can create an inline list on users My profile page to show the workouts sorted by date and filtered by signed in user. Hope this helps.

It’s not possible to create a sheets tab from within Glide.

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Thank you S_C. It helps with the user sheet. Still confused on how to send the summary each day

May be Zapier can help. When the record is created send email? I haven’t used it so cannot explain further.