Searchable and Choice options

I have a Choice component (source coming from a table called Account Choice) represented as a serious of ‘chips’ at the top of the screen allowing different visibility for inline lists on the tab.

When I use the ‘search’ bar (enabled for all Inline lists), during the search the Choice menu disappears (like its table is also part of the search).

Can I get this to stop? I want the chips visible during/after the search.



Unfortunately no. Once you start typing in a search bar, it removes all components from the screen and only shows results from inline lists. The solution is to build your own search functionality. Not bad, but a little more involved. Something like what the links below show, but use a text entry content for your search.

Essentially all of your searchable tables would need a template column that joins all of the searchable columns together. Then you need a single value column to populate each table with the search string. Then an IF column that returns true if the search string is empty, else return true if the template includes the search string, else return false. Use that IF value as a filter on your inline lists.