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Cordial greetings to all glide people.
It would be marvelous if a user were able to filter the contents of a database with a simple tap on the tag icon.
Have any of the experts in the group ever thought of a way to do this?
As always, a big thank you to anyone who wants to answer me!

Good morning @profxeni you mean something like that?

this app is from a community colleague from his portfolio Robert_Petitto

If I understand you right, I did build something like that just this week.

At the top is an inline list that is in a separateb sheet of categories. The action sets the corresponding row to true, while also setting the previous “true” to empty so we will only have one active category at any time.

The inline list below is filtered by the items belonging to the active category.

One word: magician! I’ll try it right now…

OK, it’s close to what I was looking for and that’s fine, but how can I put this method into practice?

@profxeni Or are you looking for something like this?


Here’s my tutorial on the subject:


Hey Frank! This app is really good! My only suggestion is bring the first tab to be the last one, renaming it to Perfil is quite better.

This way, Productos being the main tab also as a Home screen


@Lucas_Pires Thank you very much for your recommendation, I already changed it as you indicated since you are very right, I will be attentive to more details of my app so that it continues to improve

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Don’t forget this, or a better wording you prefer :grin: Congrats, it’s really cool!

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this way you tell me? Sorry, I speak Spanish and the translator I use sometimes translates badly, I am from peru

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No problem, I speak Portuguese, and I know - being brazilian I know more about english than spanish lol :rofl: something is wrong here

jajaja @Lucas_Pires , I’m going to have to practice my English to be able to understand the messages much better, this application had a bug that was that the same email could be registered twice and it became a stress but I managed to solve it and now it will only allow unique data in emails

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To solve this problem, I’d use the action Sign in > redirect the user to complete the registration

Instead of the Form button as you’re using now

Yes, but glide restricts you a lot on that subject and customers see it that starting session very uncomfortable and I consult it in a test with 40 people and more than 50% indicate that they are bothered by that income that their email has to grant without seeing anything of it that is sold or the service, that is why I obtained by this method that at the same time gives me a database of customers so that the administrator if he has questions or something can contact the customer and
And as I have always said, the client is right :grin: :sweat_smile:

That’s why I’m creating a template like yours: public app, delivery, send order to whatsapp

The user can see all the content, but if the user wanna add to the cart > Sign in :grin:

A little bit about it :point_down:t3:

Great if you want to let me participate in your project and I can collaborate with some additional data or something that needs to be added since I am creating a product store as a furniture store in the same way ,sight.



Unfortunately we cannot use code for a glide template app, but appreciate!

How do you change color at first inline-list?

@profxeni and @BABAPAPA, here’s a copyable app.


I see that the solutions to the problem are many and all well engineered and I thank you for sharing. I was hoping that there would be something similar to what you can use with the inline list alone. Unfortunately, as soon as you use the detailed procedure, many useful things disappear and among them is the filter. :upside_down_face: