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Is there a way to change the in app filter functionality so that the results shown satisfy both filters.

For example, if i have a database of shirts. Currently if I select “large” and “red” i would get results for all large shirts and all red shirts, how can it changed so that the results would only be large red shirts

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You need to do multifilter

Start with a detailed screen

Then add two choice comopnet

  1. Color
  2. Size

And an inline list of your stock

The next step will be creating two new columns which will be user-specific for the “write-in” in your previous choice components.

Lastly in the inline list go to options, where you need to make the filter as such:

Show If “color in the inline list” includes “color chosen in the use specific column”
Same for size.

credit to @yinon_raviv

Hope it helps