Search Criteria Not Clearing BUG?

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    Describe the bug:
  • On a list of items when entering search criteria the search works as expected, however on an android phone when using the “X” to cancel the search criteria the criteria is not removed and the previous search results remain.
    If you go back into the search bar it shows the previous search criteria

Expected behavior:

  • the search criteria should be reset such that no reduced results are provided but a full list of results appear
    Note this works fine on a laptop but does not work on an android phone, I have now tested on IOS and it works as expected, so appears to be android related

How to replicate:

  • List the steps, in detail, for recreating the issue
    go to any of the following options in my profile
    Points , Meridians, 50 Core Techniques etc
    Then goto the screen for that item i.e. Points
    This shows a list of Points
    Enter GB in search bar - this filters the content
    select the “x” to remove the search criteria
    data is still filtered ie a subset
    this works fine on Laptop but not on Android phone Galaxy S8+ Android Software Version 9, Security Patch level 1 April 2021

Link to demo recording:

cc @SantiagoPerez

I have now tested this on an IOS phone and it works as expected so appears to be android related

Any update on this please? @iamtomgray @SantiagoPerez