Search bar doesn't work on android mode


I don’t know why but when I choose android mobile screen search bars disappears but if I move to Iphone works perfectly. Any idea? Thanks

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Android displays search differently. There isn’t a persistent search bar like what iOS does. Instead, there is usually a search icon which will open up a bar when clicked. If you click on the approximate location of the magnifying glass, does anything happen?

Search icon

After clicking the icon

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I don’t see the symbol but it’s weird, I’ve done another apps and those the search button work fine…

I think there is a #bugs with searchbar in Android. I’ve createda new app with a list of things and I see the search option only with iphone view. It happens also in choince component

İ have the same problem… Any solutaions !

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If you can record the problem in action, please submit it to the support team.

Done! Thanks