Scanning with an actual barcode instead of a camera

We currently have the app on a Honeywell device which comes with a bult-in barcode scanner and got the permissions for it to scan drivers license. This means the data is already being decoded, now I am trying to get that input into Glide.

Before we had the permission and the data was raw, it was writing into a text entry field. Now that its being decoded for us, its not writing any values any more. It does write values in an independent app(that is not built on Glide).

Does any one have any experience or could advise how to get the input into Glide?

What format is the decoded data in?

PDF417 is the barcode type but we don’t actually know what format the data is decoded in :sweat_smile:

If you want to push it in through the API, then it needs to be text. That’s all that’s supported.

We aren’t currently using an API to my knowledge, basically:

The phone has a built in scanner, we put the app on the phone, and in a text entry box we scanned and it just automatically returned a value(the encrypted values or whatever you call it, before it gets decoded). So click on text entry, using honeywells scan and the phone beeped, and it returned a value.

Now we needed the actual data from the license, so got permission for it, got it put onto the phone, and now it isn’t returning a value. So what you’re saying is the way they’re decoding it isn’t text? Regardless of the fact that we’re not using an API?

Okay, that’s clearer. Sounds like the other App is/was somehow interacting directly with your Glide App. To be honest, I have no idea how that might have been working. Only thing I can think of is maybe it is taking control of your copy/paste buffer. What happens if you take a scan, and then try pasting elsewhere?

So there isn’t even another app, its just the honeywell device itself that scans the barcode and returns the value. So think of clicking on imagepicker and it opens camera, we just clicked the text entry field, pressed the button on honeywell to scan the drivers license that its pointing at, and it returned this value into the text entry field:
Screenshot 2024-01-23 151020

So we reached out to a local company, they installed the decoder onto honeywell and then gave us an independent sample app, not made with Glide, to make sure it returned values after decoding and it did.

So we went back to Glide, clicked on the text entry field again, scanned it… and nothing came through.