Saludos from Reno NV!

My name is Danny and I am excited about getting into low-code development with Glide!

I am an entrepreneur, art/outdoors/tech enthusiast, and I thoroughly enjoy creating valuable things. I have quite a few projects at the moment that I think could benefit from some great apps!

  • A partnership program software (Ioterra) to helps companies design, launch and grow affiliate, referral, and reseller channels to drive recurring revenue.
  • Song-and-Story nights: monthly open mic fundraising nights at local venues for local orgs.
  • A personal book and journal database: I am starting to collect books and write about amazing people, death, love, projects, and anything I find interesting.
  • A local non-profit fundraising site called Give&Gab
  • An app for my sister’s woodworking Design-Build Collective that is focused on helping women get into woodworking and art, both in a professional and non-professional sense.
  • A database of personal friend info (contacts, addresses, emails, etc) with ability for people to set up travel notifications

Great to hear about your story. Feel free to share your experience here or let us know if you have any questions!

A big, warm welcome from the Glide Team, @sticky :rocket: