Hello Glide Community! It's Marisa!

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Marisa. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m the Co-Founder of a Global Tech Start-Up, SNP Group Solutions. We offer IT Services and Web Apps. I hope everyone is having an good weekend! My Team uses Glide. I’m hoping to learn more from the Glide Community. We are also available to help with Projects. Look forward to connecting more! Nice to meet you!


Hello Marisa, welcome to Glide’s community forum.

When developing for your clients on Glide, does your company specialize maybe by industry, type of project, etc.?

Hi Marisa, welcome and hi from SLC

We offer IT Services and Web Applications. We have an array of clients. We help each business come up with a plan if we are doing custom apps, or we work off their designs and expand on them. We also collaborate with other Tech Start Ups on Projects. We focus on Glide or Bubble for No Code.

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Thank you, hello back from SLC.

Welcome to the family, @MarisaWolf! Great to have you here :rocket: