Salesforce integration via Airtable or other mechanisms

If I need to pull a table of accounts out of Salesforce and display them in my Glide App, it seems a simple mechanism is to use Airtable Sync Salesforce integration to populate and manage the table.

Has anyone tried this before ? Are there other best practices to connect to

Currently I would be pulling one set of records from Salesforce so it seemed Airtable was a reasonable choice. Most of the activity will be a pull from SF although eventually I will be pushing/updating a record from Glide.


Does have an API where you can query your data?

Does the data need to be synced only from SF to whatever Glide database you use, or do you need to sync back as well if you make changes in Glide?

Yes Salesforce has an API. Initially the App would pull data from Salesforce via a report and use that data as the basic columns. Airtable seemed ideal for this type of access where it keeps a Salesforce report synched as an Airtable that can be used within Glide. It also allows the customer to keep control of the data they are sharing.

In a future phase my App would need to sync data back to Salesforce that had been created in Glide. I am not familiar enough with Airtable/Glide/Salesforce to know if that is possible or even desirable.

At this point I believe I would have to use Json to ‘write’ back to Salesforce. In a perfect world preferably through Airtable since I already have the Oauth setup.

But I am looking for ideas from the community! Thanks.

If Airtable can keep it in sync with Salesforce then it would be ideal.

If you want to make changes in Glide sync back to Salesforce, then you would have to dive through their API. If it works similarly to the Glide API, then you would just need to find the right calling method, and push the data through with the right format. Normally it’s JSON, but check to make sure you have the right calling format through whatever tool you use (say Make/Zapier).

Trigger that scenario to run every time you make a change, let’s say through the edit screen’s on-submit action.