Salesforce integrations in Glide

Hi Glide! I am trying to make a case to use Glide in my current company. There will be definitely a lot of questions that IT will ask me but even before that, can someone please help me answering some initial questions:

  1. Does Glide have native support with Salesforce? Read/write would be ideal. Assuming API might work, but would prefer native integrations.

  2. We use Snowflake very heavily. Any way this can also be integrated?

Thanks so much!


No native integrations as of now. I built an app connected to Salesforce a while ago but was using Make.

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So sad but thank you for sharing this @ThinhDinh !

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As far as I know, Glide offers native support for Salesforce integration, including both read and write operations.


Hey @iamolivasmith! Thanks for your response! Do you mind guiding me through how to enable this?

For context, my company does not allow Make or Zapier (due to security reasons), so I would only be able to do this natively!

cc @david in case you know if this is possible! :slight_smile:

Glide has Slack as a built-in Integration but no Salesforce.

Glide offers Hubspot read/write integration and Hubspot has read/write integration with Salesforce so maybe…??? But probably a corporate security violation too.

so sad, yeah. I feel like this would be a potential blocker. Thanks anyways!