Sales Tracker App

Hi all,

So i am trying to build an app which tracks sales which have been made across some stores.
Each month i get a new google sheet which has the details on which i need to look up and pull into a form.
The submitted form then builds up a database of sales which generates a dashboard and review etc

We have a glide app currently which works but i think it could be smoother and faster for colleague input and reduce errors.

I have spent a little time playing around on the app, watching some videos on Youtube but i am struggling to make progress.

So the app will work as follows

Colleague selects name

Selects which store they work for

Enters a code ( SOC) which identifies what has been sold

The SOC can relate to a New customer or Existing which both have a different profit value
Based on the store selected i would like it to return the correct profit, ( each store is different)

My challenge is how do i get from the colleague entering the SOC for it to return the results back into the form and have the correct value based on New or Existing and the Store.

Sheets I currently have
Options - Shows colleague names, type of sales, store etc
Rate card - Shows all the sales information and SOC code, revenue, store.

I appreciate any feedback and help,
if you know of any good learning tools to us please feel free to share.

This is an example of the Rate card used.

I would like to enter the SOC code - Pull through the TYPE of sale into one box
Pull through the Acquisition (New) or Retention (upgrade) in another

then pull through the correct £ value under the store.

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What you may want to do, rather than using a native Glide form is to use what we like to call a “custom form” which is essentially creating your form directly on the details screen of a tab. It involves a bit more setup, but it allows you do to do what you’re looking for—using your selections in relations to bring in data prior to submission.

If you want to discuss this further, feel free to book a time with me here: Calendly - Robert Petitto