Rollups from a Related Sheet

Hi all! I’m trying to use a Rollup of a Related sheet, and it is not calculating or allowing me to hit Done. It’s strange because if I point to a different Related sheet it works fine. Any ideas why this isn’t working?

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This appears to be a bug. Delete and recreate the relation without renaming it.


@Jeff_Hager thanks for the quick response!

Creating the relation column without renaming (essentially leaving it called New Column), did allow the corresponding Rollup to function properly.

Should I leave the relation column as is or is it OK to rename now?

Sorry, I should have clarified. You can name it whatever you want. It’s once you rename the relation column after it has been created that the rollup column can’t be created.

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I experienced the same bug.
From my experience, I left it as New Column, then clicked done.
You can rename it after this, however, in the dropdown for lookups, the relation will still be displayed as New Column.