Glide not updating relation column name if renamed

The issue is explained in image below:

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This can be a temporary bug.

Currently, there is 907 “bugs” posts - but we don’t know which of them are valid or not.

A suggestion to Glide team to consider the following:

New - fresh out of the over, i.e. not screened yet.

Per screening, it could be:

  • Returned: Not a bug. Could be invalid interpretation by user or a feature request and no more action will be done by Glide.
  • New_Feature: Not a bug but rather a feature request and a new request has been submitted (went to - Feature requests list)
  • Open - it’s confirmed it’s a valid defect and shipped to the queue

Now, if it’s Open, next path will be:

  • Progress - someone is working on it, fix coming soon
  • Fixed - internally validated and verified.
  • Released - out to the world (as a patch or new release)

If Returned, user can:

  • Close: As a confirmation or system will auto-close it in xx days if user does nothing.
  • New: Re-open it (back to New again) if believing it’s a defect with more details.

If New-Feature, it’s out of the bugs bucket into the New Feature bucket.

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I think this is the core issue with rollups not working once a relation column is renamed.

Actually, this is not even a bug and I doubt if it has anything to do with roll ups…I come across it as a matter of daily routine because of the way I am constantly renaming all my rel :grinning: Glide editor needs a few days to register them sometimes. If you have a few rel it recognises the rel rename instantly. But if you have a library of rel, it needs time…I dont know why the lag…(if a lag is bug then it is a bug.) But the good news is the rel whatever the name works how you want it to work!

I am not using rollups and the renaming was done days ago - seems like a “sync” defect to me.

I am having this issue and this is definitely a bug. Rollups are not working because I renamed Rel Column. What is the best solution for this? Will Glide eventually update the names? This is holding me up from making any progress. Thanks for any insights you may have, @Jeff_Hager

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@Fassil_Befekadu Could you share the app that has this problem, and tell me exactly where it is?

Just recreate the relation with the correct name to begin with. Then you can do your rollup column.

@Mark this is pretty easy to duplicate. First create a relation and click Done. Then edit the relation and rename the column heading. Finally try to create a rollup against that relation. It will not let you click Done to create the rollup column. I’m guessing the column name for the relation gets put in a weird state where it’s not completely changed everywhere on your end.

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@Jeff_Hager what do you mean by “recreate the relation with the correct name to begin with”?

I did not keep track of the original names I used when creating the Rel Column and I have 8 names that I changed. The names that I see on the Glide Editor for Rel Col headings no longer match the drop down names that I see and that I need to create my Rollups. And I know there is no way to automatically revert to the original names.

Could you give me more specific guidelines? Thanks.

Here is the Relationship with the edited new name:

Here is the Lookup associated with the Relationship - seems to be valid.
Thanks for your help, @Mark.

And here is the Rollup. I cannot find the new Relationship name to use in my Rollup drop-down options even though I know it is there. All I did was change the name of my Relationship.

What I mean is create new relation columns with the current name you want. The problem you are experiencing happens when you rename a column that already exists.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Given the number of Rel and the Lookups & Rollups that I have associated with each, this will be a big pain but at least I have a solution and I appreciate your help.

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@Mark - a related problem is that all the old Relationship names you had created remain in the drop-down list you see in the process of creating your Rollup - thereby causing a great deal of clutter. Additionally, since you have to delete and create a new Relationship in order continue (as per @Jeff_Hager’s suggestion) you also have to edit all your attached Lookups/Templates etc. (in terms of pointing them to the new Relationship name and adjusting your naming protocol - which you often need to do).

This will be fixed on Tuesday.


This is good news Mark , thanks. So to make sure we are aligned, once this bug is fixed, the name will automatically be fixed without us needing to do anything, right? (see below)

Note: rel_Functions was the old name which has been renamed to rel_Elements