Rollup value displaying as 4.666666666 instead of 4.6

I’m creating a Ratings and Reviews tab to rate businesses and display their current rating average.

Everything seems to be connected right. But I want the rollup average rating to show the numbers as the typical ‘0.0’…not ‘0.000000000’

Pictures below to show what i mean. Any advice?

I would plug that rollup value into a math column and round it.


I was going to suggest the same as @Jeff_Hager above. I don’t think the Lookup column respects the previously set precision that you have on the original column, so you have to round it after you’ve looked it up. An additional Math column should give you that function pretty easily.


are you taking photos of the screen instead of screenshots?

@Jeff_Hager @kyleheney OK so I should keep everything that I have but plug the roll up into a math column? What should the configuration say? I have never used the math column before.

Yes, because I don’t know how to (or if I can) take a screen shot on my computer screen?

just google how to take screenshots on the computer or phone you are using, from what I see is a desktop… probably windows… is just to hold 2 or 3 buttons… much easier than taking a photo and uploading it…

@Jeff_Hager @kyleheney Got it! I just typed in rollup average and it worked!! THANK YOU!

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Yes it’s windows and I should definitely Google that now. Such a pain to do it the way I’m doing it lol

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The math column could be as simple as typing ‘X’ and replacing ‘X’ with the correct value. Otherwise you can type in more complex math formulas, with variables, such as X, and you can replace X with any column value.
I’m not sure if you typed the whole word Rollup Average, or if you just pointed to that column I’d be curious how you set it up, but at least it’s working for you.

I always use the windows ‘Snipping Tool’ for screenshots. It’s simple to draw a box around whatever you want to screenshot, draw or highlight things on the captured screenshot (or hide private information), and then simply copy and paste into the forum.

You can also use the Print Screen keyboard button to capture the whole screen, or Alt+Print Screen to capture active window only. It copies the screenshot to your clipboard and you can just paste into the forum. I still prefer the snipping tool because it allows more flexibility.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager! I don’t know how but it worked haha

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Yeah, it tries to guess at what you mean. What you typed is not a math formula or or some magic glide intelligence that knows what you meant. What you typed is a really long version of ‘X’, which is added to your replacement value. If you typed in X+Y, you would get two replacement values. One for X and one for Y. There is however a little bit of intelligence and glide will attempt to guess which column you want to use for your replacement value. Since you typed out the whole column name, glide “guessed” pretty accurately, but that won’t always be the case.

So in the end, what you do is type in your math formula. Any variables will show up as replacement values. Then you select which column replaces those variables. That way the math result can be different for each row.

Just wanted to make sure it was clear why it worked in this case. Hopefully this explains it better than I just tried to do:

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