Real time averaging of star ratings

Hi guys,

Simple question here.

Is there a column ‘option’ (in Glide Tables) that allows for a calculated column value to be pasted into a Text column in the same table.

Here’s my use case:

I have a Glide conference app that enables delegates to star rate speakers/sessions. A user specific value gets written to a column for each session; and for each session there is a rollup column that calculates the average for that column based on the individual ratings. So far - so good - works perfectly.

I want to have an ‘admin’ screen where authorised users can see the average star rating per speaker. However, the value displayed is the value of the owner of that profile row - rather than the average ratings. e.g. if I give a speaker 5 stars out of 5 - and the average from all users is, say 3.25 (in the average rollup column) - when I display the average on the admin screen it shows ‘5’ because all Glide is seeing is my profile row.

If I add a text column next to the average rollup column with the same value as the rollup coilumn and then use that in my admin screen my issue is immediately resolved (obviously).

I have watched some really useful vids from Robert Pettito on how to achieve what I want (in his case for restauarant reviews) but having several tables to just be able to see an average star rating just seems like overkill to me.

The super easy solution would be to have a text column next to the rollup column that automatically shows the same value as the rollup column - but as a pure text (or number) value. I have tried a template column; if then else columns and because Glide only reads the profile row - I only every get the star rating from the logged in use rather than average.

Sorry - this sounds much more confusing than it really is. Hopefully someone can decipher my jibberish and tell me a super simple way of fixing my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried having a Custom Action that records the Star Rating to a USC, but also a Set Column Action that records the rating to a Number Column?


Thanks for the speedy response Joe.

Yep - tried both of those prior to posting the question. Unfortunately - in both instances it takes the value from the profile row rating - not the average rollup column.

Are you using Row Owners? Is the Number Column USC? If either of those are true, then a rollup across all users wont work.

If the Table is public and the number column is non-USC, then doing a Rollup on the Number Col should work…


Hi Joe,

Nope - no row owners - and non-USC.

Still can’t seem to make it work.

Sometimes it is the smallest things that are the most frustrating.


Can you add a couple of screen shots of the tables involved please?
We might be able to spot something that isn’t obvious to you.

Sorry guys - should have done that in the first place.

First pic - show the screen where they select their rating:

The second shot shows this being added to the table - and the average rollup[ column doing its job!

I then try to read the average column on the admin screen:

…and instead of giving me the average - it simply gives me the rating of the profile role.

Hope this makes sense…

Thanks in advance.

dude - you have Row Owners on your Email column.

That’s why it doesn’t work.

Hi Darren,

Not according to the column drop down:

I’m clearly a bit out of my depth here (just a simple country boy from New Zealand :slight_smile: ). I’ll check in with Kyle Heney my Glide Expert and ask him to make it work for me.

Keep safe.


In your earlier screen shot - there was definitely Row Owners on that column:

Here is a tip: anytime you see Rows “dimmed” out in the Data Editor, that’s an indication that Row Owners are being applied to that table. The dimming effect is a hint to tell you that those rows won’t exist on the users device that you are “Viewing as…”.

You can see how this works if you try viewing as a different user. It can be a bit misleading/confusing because even though row owners are applied, all rows are still shown in the Data Editor, and things like rollups will appear to be working. You just need to pretend that any dimmed rows don’t exist.


Nice explanation.

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Sorry for the delayed reply Darren - that makes perfect sense.

So to solve my problem I need to gather the feedback score and average from another table that doesn’t have row owners. I think I can get my head around that. Thanks for your patience.


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