How do i calculate the average vote

I have movies, I have users, I have votes.
A user gives a rating to a movie with a picker component (1-10).
So every user sees his / hers own points.
But how do I calculate the average points? So averyone can see the average?
If I try to make a rollup column (I thought maybe that is the way to go to collect all personal points?) I only get count and count unique ?
Hope someone can help!

You can use AVERAGEIFS if you want to do it in Google Sheets.

Or, are you looking for a solution to do it in the Glide Builder?

Yeah, is it possible to do in Glide too? Because the votes remain in the data editor of Glide, I think.

Oh, are the votes captured in a user-specific column? I would assume so.

Yes, that’s the case, seemed logical to me?

I don’t think you can currently perform rollups on user specific columns. I think it is Glide’s goal to add that functionality at some point.

ah ok, thanks, then i need a different route to follow :wink:

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