Average Rating

When can we expect average rating (all users) from Glide?

You can do that yourself in the data editor with a math column.


jeez, never thought about it… thanks🙂

rollup right?

Yeah make a column rollup amount of points + coumn amount of users and a column where you divide points through users


Small issue, say, it’s for rating for a particular restaurant and there are 20+ restaurants in the then? how do I it, should I have to join them both and then relate? I’m confused :grimacing:

I made an app with users + movies + reviews that’s comparible.
Reviews are related to movies (restaurants in your case).
With a lookup function I collect the points in the related reviews per movie.
Then I make a sum of those points that I divide through the amount of reviews.

you pull the reviews to a column in your movies DE, then do the calculations right?

if it’s not too much to ask can you share a screen shot of the editor :grimacing:

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thank you so much, I will try this out and let you know the desired outcome :relaxed:, missed this reply :grimacing::grimacing: