Roll Up and Average

First - RollUp and row owners work great.

Interestingly I do a count and get 2 (correct), sum Revenue which is $50,000 (correct) and average Revenue which is $50,000 (incorrect).

However, one of the rows does not have a value for Revenue so technically it is correct, the average of the one row where Revenue is not empty is $50,000.

Is this how it should work? I was expecting count = 2, Revenue = $50,000, Average = $25,000



Answering my own question - It is how it works (I set Revenue to $0 and the average was correct).

I am not sure this is what everyone expects though.

Sum of Revenue/Count = Average is expected
Sum of Revenue/(Count->Where revenue is not empty) = Average is not expected

For me it is simple to put a 0 into Revenue amount so it is not empty, but is this the expected behavior?

Yes, I believe this is the expected behaviour. I guess whether or not it’s correct/desired behaviour is debatable.

What you could do is create an if-then-else column that returns zero if the revenue amount is empty, and then use this column in your rollups.


Agree - as long as Glide documents the expected behavior it’s OK. Since I create the record it was oversight to not populate it with 0 to begin with.

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