Rollup and average function on an array not available

we have tried to use array function using numbers in different columns (

  • Making an array is OK

  • Sorting this array is also OK

  • Slicing this sorted array is also OK

  • but problmen when i want to make a roll up for the average of the above “final” array -* just count and count unique functions are proposed

does someone get an idea of my problem?




Try with this short JS code


let arr=p1.split(",").map(Number);
let N=p1.split(",").length;
let sum = 0;

arr.forEach(e => {
  sum+= e;

return (sum/N).toFixed(3)

Saludos @Morgan_Taurines !

The problem with this is Glide, by default, seems to not recognize array elements as numbers, but as text, hence only “count” and “count unique” are available.

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