Roll-call app / Function registration

Hello, please see the attached link for the issues I am having with my attendance tracking app…

We have a Fathers Club and once a month we host a function at one of two venues. We have collected Fathers’ details and need to check them off the list when they attend a function. We occasionally have new dads attending so will also need to add them to the spreadsheet on the fly.

You didn’t show which column you checklist is pointing to, but I think I would structure your data differently. In your ‘Copy of form responses’ table, you are adding a new column of checkboxes for every event. What that means, is that for every event, you would have to go into the glide builder and change your checklist to point to the new column. That’s not scalable or convenient.

Instead, what I would do is use the existing Attendees column in your Functions table to hold a list of members that attended. In the Function details screen, get rid of the form. Then add a choice component, pointing to the members table, with multi-select enable. Set the choice component to display names but use the value of email. This will allow you to select all the members that have attended that function, and write them to the attendees column in the function table. This will be a comma delimited list, so add a Split Text column that splits that comma delimited list into an array.

Now you can create a multiple relation that links the email in the member table to the email in the array in the functions table. This will allow you to add an inline list on the member detail screen, that uses that relation to show all functions they have attended.

In the Function table, create a multiple relation that links the array of emails column to the email column in the members table. This will allow you to create an inline list on the function detail screen, that uses that relation to show all members that have attended.

With this, you can get rid of your extra ‘Copy of form responses’ table as it’s not needed.

Now one thing I would consider, is adding a RowID column to your Member table. Then change your choice Value setting to write the row id instead of email to the attendees column. Also change your relations to link to and from the RowID column instead of the email column. Rowids are stable and will not change, unlike someone’s name or email, so it’s better to use RowID to create relations if you can. If you use emails to create the relation, and the email changes for a member, then all of a sudden, that member no longer shows as having attended any functions in the past. That is why RowID is better.


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