Event check in linked with crm

Hi, hoping I can get some direction for this. I need to set up an internal event-checking system. Currently, the way I have it working is like this.

  • User books a ticket via our CRM.
  • An automation then creates a google docs entry (passes over name, email, event name, and empty check in field)
  • Glides connects to this and pulls in the data
  • I’ve added a check in button that updates the filed so we can load it up at the event and check users in as they attend.

This works BUT we have multiple events, so when I try the same thing with multiple sheets, I cant get glides to display a nice dashboard. The dashboard should show a list of the events so we can just select the event then check users in ?

I’m not sure how to do this? Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Firstly Create a Master Sheet where you add all the events i.e. Your event fields (Name, Location, Date, etc.)
Once you have the events created and your automation brings in the other details as Users Name / Email / Event Name etc. to a different sheet “User Sheet”

  1. Create a Relation with the Event Name since its common between your Master Sheet and your Users Sheet where you are adding the users to events. So you have a unique list of people for each event.
  2. You can now have a list of events, if you go into the details View → Add the list of users using the relation we created. in which you can mark that person as attended or not.

wow so cool thank you , that worked :pray:t2:

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Something odd happened as it seemed ok, but now no matter which event I go into, it shows the same list of people. In the data view, we can see a new column with attendees, and for each event, you can see the different atendees. But when I go to layout view and click on the event it’s just showing the same list of attendees ??

all resolved realised I had to make sure that from the data source section the linked data field was selected

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