Sync from 2 event sources

I have two sources of events that I want to see in my app schedule.
1)google sheet
2)events that are created from the app.

They don’t have exactly the same stretcher, but I want to see them inside my app.
Because of some other issues, I can’t save them in the same source (like in the same google sheet).
I was thinking of saving the events that I create inside my app - in one table (with all the data that I need), and creating another table that gets the events from the google sheet and the table.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to make it happen yet.
I am looking for some ideas on how to see events from 2 different sources.

So these events are written to the Sheet as well?

I think you can create a master sheet or master Glide Table, saving the rowIDs and all other related info (that is needed to display on the main screen) of those events.

Then, use 2 relations to try to match those rowIDs with the 2 tables.

If relation 1 is not empty then show detail screen of table 1, else show detail screen of table 2.

No, the events are not written to the Google sheet.
So I have two “databases” of events.
Can you please explain again how to create the “master glide table”?

For example, each event must have start time, end time, title and description ( for some events I have more columns).

How can I create the master sheet that will collect all the events from both tables?

I would take this tip from @Darren_Murphy to build a dynamic table, but you have to generate rows in advance for this to work.