Can my app point to two databases for the same tab?

I’m using a Google sheet as my database for a CRM. The sheet gets auto-populated by Facebook leads.

I also want to be able to manually enter new contacts that are walk-ins directly from my Glide app.

But I fear that will screw up my database that’s integrated with FB. Can I push/pull from two different sources?

Maybe there is a better way to do this.

Define sources? You can connect google sheets, glide tables, airtable, and excel all at the same time. Each glide table is independent from each other, but when you attach a google sheet, all tabs in that google sheet are loaded, but treated as separate tables. Now, I’m not sure about Airtable or Excel, but with google sheets, you can only attach one worksheet to an app, but that worksheet can have multiple tabs/tables/sheets.

So I see a few options here. First, how is your Google sheet loaded? Does the load process append rows, or does it wipe and refill the sheet tab with data from Facebook? If it appends new rows, then you may not have a problem also filling the same sheet from the app. If it wipes the sheet and refills it, then you may need a separate sheet tab to handle stuff from glide. So, ultimately, you can either use a shared sheet, or separate sheets depending on how the data comes in from Facebook.

If you are stuck with two different sheets, or two different data sources, then it gets more complicated, because you may need have to have two parts of your app that do the same thing, but against two different tables.

If you can tell us more about how your data comes in from Facebook, then it might be easier to advise. Also, it would help to know more about how you work with the data. Are you able to edit that data afterwards? Does any of the data move around in the table (due to the sheet reloading data in a different order)?