Rich text / iframe / video / google forms


When I add google forms or video with an “iframe” it doesn’t work.
Few months ago it worked and my google forms was in the app not only a link.
How can I do this now?

Moreover I want to add this video :
It doesn’t work with the video player.
If I use iframe it doesn’t work too.

What Can I do

HTML is not supported in the Rich Text component.

It was ! Why do they delete it ?
And do you know I can I add my vidéo in the app?

iframes may have worked for awhile, but HTML of any kind has never been officially supported.

As for your video, the URL is for the page and not the the video resource. You would need to dig through the page source to find the proper url to obtain the video resource link. Not a simple process, but I found this for the video link you posted. I searched for mp4 in the page source.

Or this link if you want to skip the step of letting it resolve to the mp4 file:

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Thank you. It works.
I don’t really understand the difference between your two links but both of them works :wink:

You are great

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