Custom Video Streaming Player(iframe generator)

I wanted to attach a video thumbnail to my hosted video file, I’ve got a solution that also features loaded.

This player supports custom video links such as, also Vimeo & Dropbox Videos.
This iframe tag generator was also available online but as I was testing this, I’ve generated this app and I’m sharing it with you too.

You need to copy this iframe tag and paste it to the webview component.


  • User can add a thumbnail image
  • Video starts when opening the app by Autoplay Adjustment
  • Looping Video
  • GIF Mode
  • Mute audio
  • Hide Play Button
  • Change size of the play button
  • Show/Hide Progressbar, time field, Mute Button, Full-Screen Button
  • Change size of the play button
  • Glide player having unnecessary black space around video, this player will ignore.

How to use:
Make a copy of this app:
You can not preview the video if your app plan is free. WebView only supports on Paid Plans.

BTW, This app was built in 30 Mins. Let me know any errors.


Dude, this is amazing! Thanks for sharing sir!

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Can you please add support for videos from Google Drive and flip video horizontal?

Not Possible as of now

I’m not able to play Dropbox video. Any suggestion? I noticed that in your app also other users linked Dropbox videos, but they not work as well. Thanks for your help

Done! I replaced with
It works.

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