Review my google sheet


Can someone review my google sheet and see how I can optimize (remove tabs) it?

Here is my Google Sheet :

Here is my app:

I have enabled the possibility to copy the app for tonight so you can analyze the back-end in Glide.

Thanks for your time!

Are you planning on allowing users to enter data directly onto the spreadsheet also?

If not, you don’t really need to worry about cleaning it up too much - it’s your own design playing out. :wink:

If so, then create a single ‘entry’ sheet that is styled to 1) help users quickly fill it in and 2) distribute inputs across your other sheets as it’s filled in.

Then you can simply protect and hide all the other sheets so users only ever see the single sheet they need to deal with.

That the type of advice you’re looking for?


Yes I want animal shelters owners to enter data directly onto the spreadsheet!

For what you’ve said, yes it’s true. It’s not important how I set the tabs and all.

How? What’s the formula?


You can use single tab in sheet. and Use Relation column to remove redundancies of the data. With relation you can set more than one categories for each animal too.

Yes I’m using relations between shelters and animals. But for the home and search screen, I didn’t know how to display like this without creating multiple tabs.

At the beggining, I had one tab for all shelters and I created columns for ‘categorie 1’ ‘categorie 2’ ‘categorie 3’, etc. (because some shelters have 3 categories). But, it was not possible to display all categories like what we see right now.

Here ya go:

EDIT: So you want to style up al the fields to be more user friendly and on those other sheets have them reflect these new inputs explicitly.

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I also made a quick sheet demonstrating a simple table… you can also get a little tricker and import data from other sheets using IMPORTRANGE (as demonstrated in Sheet3).