Returning status from Cloudinary Upload back to Glide

H Guys,
I have a Martial Arts training app where by a student can submit a video of themselves performing a particular Technique, so that it can be assessed.
I have this all working with storing the videos inside of glide, however this is not practical long term due to volume and size of videos and number of students.
So I have modified it to upload the videos to Cloudinary via the upload widget calling it from a webview component. This works fine in terms of setting the video name etc and it appearing in Cloudinary.

MY challenge is that I have to create the new video url name prior to uploading to Cloudinary, this only becomes a problem if the student cancels the upload process as I end up with a partial record for the submitted technique and no video in Cloudinary.

Is there a way to return the upload status from Cloudinary to be recorded back in Glide for the particular record?
This would then allow me to clean up the partial record

Many Thanks for any suggestions