Basic use case for Make Cloudinary and Web Hook

Good day and appreciated your time in this.

I am working on a basic use case to upload image through form submit. There is a webhook to perform compression and rotation 90. The flow is working find and I am able to get correct URL from Cloudinary.

Question is: how can i propagate this Cloudinary URL back to my glide table? there is no example in Make.

Assuming that you have a Pro plan or better, you can use the Glide API to send the URL back to Glide.

Thanks, @Darren_Murphy. Could you share what is the steps to do it?

Trying to add Glide Module in Make get an error.

You can use a HTTP module.
But - do you want to add a new row with the URL, or update an existing row?
If you want to update an existing row, you will need the RowID.

Note: there is also an extended Make integration that makes this easier if you are not familiar with working with the Glide API. You need to follow the link in the below post:

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