Restrict Sign-in to Specified Email Domains

Does this work for Apps? I could not easily find the new feature in Apps. I looked in the App settings section… thanks in advance.

I believe you should have this option in your Privacy settings.

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No, I don’t see that option… here is my screen:

And it’s a Pro app!

Looks like you’re on the old per-app pricing model.
You might need to switch to a team plan before you get the option.

Oh ok thanks Darren. Off the bat, is there any big disadvantage to doing that?

Difficult question to answer, because there are so many things to consider, and everyone’s circumstances are different.

I guess the big thing to be aware of is that once you’re on a team plan, then all limits are applied to the team, rather than per app/project. The only exception is the row limit, which remains per project.

Updates is also something to watch out for.

Best thing is to review the new Pricing page, and in particular the FAQ section at the bottom.

I think eventually everyone will be forced onto team based plans, but I have no idea what the timeline for that might be.


Oh goodness, 99 USD per month to keep my Pro plan in a Team space. That seems crazy…

Well, you get unlimited Apps/Projects for that.

But you should compare the features and limits that come with each plan to what you actually need. You might find that you don’t need a Pro Team Plan.