Responding to Glide/Zapier emails

Is messaging with Glide/Zapier essentially useless? I want recipients to be notified via email whenever they’ve received a message in my app. Is there a way to do it without gmail? Cause, with gmail, responding to a message seems to be virtually impossible. You send someone a message, and it’s sent to them through a gmail account. And, though they can see the sender’s email address, they can’t respond to it. It only goes back to the Gmail address to die. Can anyone think of a more convinient way than going into the app, checking your messages and not responding to the message through the in app messenger, but by copying the sender’s email address, and sending him a separate email?

You can change the respond to field and enter the users email. That way, the recipient can respond directly to the person who sent the email

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In Zapier?

Yup, you can choos all the fields you want

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Thank you. I’ll check that tonight. :grin:

Just set up the reply-to to be the sender’s email address instead of yours:
Name your zap  Zapier 2021-04-05 at 6.19.55 PM


Thank you! :grinning: