Resolution Issues on New Interface

I can see in the middle of me building the app that the interface has changed. My head already hurts after 5 min because the resolution is really bad. Everything is “blurry” now. On top of the added frustration of changing the interface without prior notice.

I frequently see this issue as well:


It occurs while scrolling - but, clicking anywhere on the table will resolve it. Obviously, that’s not a solution. Just confirming that it happens to me too

These are two distinct issues but we’re looking into both. Thank you.

HI drascon,

Can you tell me what browser, OS, display, and screen resolution you are using? I need specific versions if possible.

Hi Karel,

Can you show me the blurring?

Hi Jason,

Chrome, Windows 10 Enterprise, 1920 x 1080

@Jason we already have a screenshot from @Karel_van_Biervliet in support, I will show you.

David had a good solution, Control minus. It reshaped the “smartphone”, were the blur occured. And now it is less blurry! thanks a lot! :+1:

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