Super glitchy glide

It keeps happening and won’t go away by reloading or clicking. Every app is behaving the same.

Thank you

Great artwork effects though.

Which browser?


Can you give me some details about your system?

Browser/OS/Monitor/Resolution/Scaling settings?

Chrome/ Windows 10/ Hp Laptop intel core i7/ 1920x 1080 resolution / 125% (recommended) scaling

I’m afraid its only getting worse.

Even I am getting the same bug/ glitch.

Maybe you should change your system language from Extraterrestrial to English :joy:


:joy: :joy:

Maybe we are getting the latest feature for beta testing.

Review: No likey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yea I get that too and many other things. move slowly in between sheets and app and close everything and start again…