Required Counts Signed/Unsigned Visitors

Hi Everyone,

I need to know how to get counts of signed and unsigned visitors/viewers.

you have to create an action on the landing tab to increment the count column

Thanks @Uzo :clap: for your prompt reply.

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Hi Karthik ji,

Can you put a video for this if you have done this.
Or provide detail steps to do.

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Sure, give me some time.

Adding to what Uzo said, if you want to be able to count active signed-in viewers at any particular moment then that might be a different story.

If you just need to know the “onboarded” users, without knowing how you structure your app, I assume you have an onboarding process, when users click a certain button, you increment a column in their User profiles row, let’s say “Onboarded”. The sum of that column will be the total number of people that have signed in and onboarded. You won’t have a good way to count unsigned in visitors/viewers, I’m afraid.

If you want to count active users at any time, I think the best way is to add actions in a lot of places in your app, setting a “Current timestamp” value to a User profiles column. If that value is anywhere in the past 10 minutes (for example), you can consider that an active user.


@ThinhDinh Interesting work around. Let me try with current time stamps, thanks.

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