Admin Dashboard Screen

I am wondering if anyone has ideas on making a custom admin dashboard within an app that shows user count data?

I know that I could get anonymous GA data if I go pro and connect my app to Google Analytics. I am looking for clever workarounds to have a quick snapshot of user activity that could potentially show specific user data.

What all information are you wanting to see and/or manipulate?

Above mock-up is what I am looking for.

When Someone signs in to your app you need to not direct them to the home page instead have a button they click that says something like “Let’s Go!” or “Click To Begin”. The button will be used to add an increment as well as a timestamp to a sheet tab that you have corresponding to each user. You can then have that sheet only visible to you and the increment will give you how often they visit so you know who has visited the most, the timestamp will tell you when they last visited, again you can sort these in the app to help you get a top 5 or whatever you are wanting in that aspect. Also if you need to see how many users in the last 5 days or anything like that you just need to perform a count thats equal to today()-5, I would say just do a countif formula for that one. As far as total users for all time you just need to perform that same count on the App:Logins page to get that number, As far as pageviews you can use that same button technique using the combo actions to navigate and timestamp. Then just use the timestamps on each page and do the same countifs to determine those. There are quite a few other ways of doing these but this might be the quickest.